Did you know that the Rebbe said that Chitas is “Shoveh Lechol Nefesh” – meaning that it’s for EVERYONE?

Sometimes people think that doesn’t mean kids. But here at Chitas for Kids, we KNOW that kids can learn Chitas too! Some kids can say parts inside, other kids just like to listen and color. But even 1-year-olds learn Chitas in some homes!

The daily Chitas emails that you can sign up for have a page that teaches the Chitas, with explanations and stories and summaries in easy English. They also have a coloring booklet, with pictures and captions in Yiddish, English, Hebrew, or French. Some parents like to show the children the pictures on the computer, some let the kids pick one page to print and color. You can also print out the booklets every day (so your home will be FULL of Chitas!).

Lots of parents like the Chitas too, because when you first read what it’s about, even when you say the Chitas fast you can understand what you’re saying.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up (it’s free!) today!