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Shiva Minim Poem

Shivas Haminim

Did you know that inside of you, though it isn’t showing
A whole special garden of Hashem is growing!
Just dig deeper, and you’ll see it’s true
Precious treasures of Hashem buried deep inside of you!

Seven special kochos, gifts from Hashem.
It would be such a shame if you don’t use them!
So learn about your seven gifts, just like we did
And use them to become a better Yid!

The land we are learning about has these gifts as well
They’re the seven special fruits of Eretz Yisroel!
Let’s go through each of them, so that we will know
How to find those buried treasures and make them grow!

WHEAT we use for making bread, so we can conclude
That it’s like learning Torah, our neshama food!
A special kind of study, so much sechar we earn
We use our koach of Chitah with the Torah that we learn!

BARLEY is food for animals, it’s perfect for a zoo
Our Nefesh Habehamis is an animal too!
Tefillah is a special tool to overcome his tricky way
We use our koach of Se’orah when we daven every day!

GRAPES are used for wine, which, don’t you think
Is a very lechaim’dike, happy kind of drink!
Doing mitzvos is even more fun than a brand new toy
We’re using our Gefen when we serve Hashem with joy!

FIGS are the special koach of what we DO
When we think, talk, and act in the way of a Jew!
We think thoughts of Torah, and nice words we say
We use our Te’eina koach when we act this way!

POMEGRANATES are stuffed full of bright red seeds
Just like each Yid is stuffed with good deeds!
When we do mitzvos, with our Jewish pride
We’re using the Rimon koach we all have inside!

OLIVES we use for oil, they are a bitter fruit we grow
Just like Iskafya, when we just say NO!
We say no to things that we know aren’t good
Our koach of Zayis Shemen keeps us acting as we should!

DATES are very sweet, their honey flows out
Like the secrets of the Torah that we learn about
Our lives are so sweet, better than any nosh
When we learn Chassidus, our koach of Devash!