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Mizmor Lesodah – a Kavana

Our minds get used to thinking in certain patterns. When learning Chassidus and during davening, we teach our minds to think in a pattern of kedusha. This way, we will start thinking in the way of the neshama instead of the patterns of the Nefesh Habehamis!

Here is an example of one way we can have kavana during a part of davening:

Mizmor Lesoda — Yidden use these words to praise Hashem when bringing a Korban Todah to thank Him for making a neis. The four situations Hashem saves a person from also happen B’Ruchnius. And Hashem saves me from them every day!

Hashem saves me from difficulties of health, from the struggle with my Yetzer Hara, from struggles of parnasa, and from issues with other people. I want to thank Hashem for these nisim!

Hariu LaHashem Kol Ha’aretz — The whole world should celebrate with my joy, because I was saved!

Ivdu Es Hashem Besimcha, Bo’u Lefanav Birnana — Moshe Rabbeinu, who wrote this kapitel, tells me and every Yid: Serve Hashem with happiness, come before Hashem with song!

I am happy to serve Hashem, I am full of joy that I can do what He asks!

De’u Ki Hashem Hu Ha’Elokim — Know that Hashem is our Aibishter!

The way Hashem runs the world is with the name Elokim, the level of Hashem where His chayus is hidden. The world doesn’t always LOOK like Hashem is making it run. But when Hashem saves me, when Hashem makes a neis, I can see that really, “Hashem Hu Ha’Elokim!” It is Hashem that hides in the name Elokim! Really He is the one ALWAYS running the world. The nisim Hashem makes for me are just a peek into Who really is making everything in the world do what they do!

So all of the things that happen, even though they seem to be just natural, are really Hashem! When I feel satisfied from eating, it is not just the way my body works. It is Hashem Who makes me feel this way! All of the “ordinary” things in the world are really kedusha!

Hu Asanu, Velo Anachnu — Hashem made us, and we belong to Him!

It is the Aibishter that created me! I owe my whole existence to Hashem. I am so grateful to Hashem. I am ready to do everything He asks me to! I am ready to give up everything I want, in order to keep His mitzvos. My whole life is nothing without Hashem, and I would give up my life to stay connected to Him. I am His, and I want to show that by how I act!

Amo Vetzon Mariso — We are Hashem’s nation, and the sheep of Hashem’s flock.

See also Maamar “De’u Ki Hashem” 5701 and 5731