Chitas for Kids was started in Parshas Noach, 5772. It was originally begun to help a group of young Yaldei Hashluchim to learn Chitas during extended learning hours. On the third day of making the Chitas booklets, we started posting them daily to share with other Shluchim.

We realized that most parents would need help to teach the Chitas in child-friendly language, so we started writing easy-to-read summaries of each part of Chitas. From being posted and shared with other Shluchim, it is now emailed to hundreds of subscribers every day, and used in many schools!

Here’s a sample of summaries: ThursdayPinchas-summaries

The booklet has evolved over time, but has always had pictures to color for each part of Chitas, and Yiddish (and now options for English, Hebrew, or French) captions for each. Our kids love coloring “their Chitas” every day, and your kids might love it too!

Wondering who “we” are? We’re Rabbi Mendel and Nechama Dina Hecht, from Cortland, NY. We work together to make the Chitas every night. Sometimes one of us has more time than the other…

We feel that it’s worth the time we put into it because of all of the kinderlach (and adults too) who are helped to learn Chitas every day!