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When the Yidden follow what Hashem tells them to do, Hashem gives them brachos.

But when the Yidden are not following Hashem, Hashem lets the goyim around them get strong and rule over them.

That’s what happened to the Yidden many times during the years of the Shoftim.

After one of the Shoftim, Osniel ben Knaz, passed away, the Yidden again started not following the mitzvos properly. Because of this, Hashem let the king of Moav, Eglon, rule over them.

After the Yidden suffered under Eglon for 18 years, they cried out to Hashem in teshuvah, and asked Him to save them.

Hashem sent a new shofeit, Ehud ben Gera, to save the Yidden.

Ehud ben Gera was left-handed. He decided to use this to trick Eglon! He sharpened his sword on both sides, so it was sharp however you use it. He went to bring a present to the Eglon from the Yidden.

When he came to the palace, the guards searched him to see if he had a weapon. But they only searched him on one side, the left side, where most people carry their swords. They didn’t realize that Ehud was left-handed, so he kept his sword on his right side!

Ehud ben Gera came in to the throne room of Eglon, who was a very fat king.

After giving the present to Eglon, he sent away everyone else. He said that he had a private message for the king!

“I have a message for you from Hashem,” Ehud ben Gera announced.

Eglon stood up in kavod. Ehud pulled out his sword and stuck it deep into Eglon’s stomach, killing him.

That was his message from Hashem – that the time of making the Yidden suffer was over.

Ehud left the palace, without telling anyone what he had done.

Eglon’s soldiers didn’t want to come in, because they thought that Eglon was using the bathroom and needed privacy. But after many hours, they opened the door. They found the king lying on the floor dead!

In the meantime, Ehud had run away. He told the Yidden to gather together. They were able to fight against Moav, and the Yidden were able to live in peace for 80 years after that.

…And the drama continues!

While working on the Chitas very late one night
Suddenly the plug felt hot – something wasn’t right.
We unplugged it right away, but when we plugged it back
Nothing happened at all – the whole plug was burned and black.

Now the clock was running fast, the battery was running out
We finished the Chitas as fast as we could, and finished it no doubt.
We then took the laptop into the store to see if it could be repaired
A few hundred dollars they told us – but that wasn’t what made us scared!
They had to send it away to be fixed, expect it back in a week
But we need to do Chitas EVERY DAY – now we’re up a creek!

We rented a laptop to use, and it took quite a while for us
To use our backup to work on the Chitas, so it was late despite all the fuss.

Then that rented laptop started to act weird, the pointer would jump and shake
We had to take it back to the store – boy did that feel like a mistake!
They couldn’t really help, but lent us a mouse, hoping that would work fine
After a half hour of troubleshooting it did – but that half hour of time was MINE!
So again the Chitas was sent out late, we didn’t have much choice today
We hope that Hashem will help out now, and make everything work right away!


Technical Difficulties…

The more obstacles in the way of a good thing, the more important you realize it is!

As soon as (very literally) we got ahead 2 days in Chitas, the computer developed a problem that wouldn’t allow it to get any power. It’s now being sent in for repair, and it turns out that it takes HOURS to restore a backup onto a rental computer!

Nu – Boruch Hashem we haven’t missed a day of Chitas due to this latest fiasco, but we are sorry for the send times being all over the place!


A few of you have asked…

What happened to Sunday? Why no Chitas? We missed you!

We could pretend that it was on purpose, just to make sure that you were paying attention!  But really, it was that Sunday was a little bit crazy, and by the time all of the little Chitas Curriculum kids were asleep, it was very late. In case you didn’t know this, it usually takes at least 2 hours to prepare the Chitas.

We finished Chumash and Rambam and a little bit of Tanya, but not the whole thing.

We’re trying our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but let’s hear from you: Should we have sent out a half of Chitas?

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