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Hayom Yom 26 Elul

In Chassidus, we very often compare our body (the Guf, Nefesh Habehamis) to an animal. We learn many things in Avodah about how to deal with our body from how we deal with an actual animal.

For example, Shechita – the Gemara says, “Ain VeShochat, Ela U’Moshach” – it’s not cutting, it’s drawing over – we draw the animal into the possibility of becoming Kedusha.

In today’s Hayom Yom, we learn something else from a Beheima:

Even a Kosher animal has non-kosher blood inside that needs to be taken out so it can be eaten and elevate to Kedusha. We remove the blood through Melicha, salting.

The same is with our Guf – even though it is Kosher (it’s a Jewish body), it has non-kosher “blood” – chayus in inappropriate things. That blood needs to be removed.

Just like taking out the blood has three steps in Halacha, taking out the “blood” from our Guf has three steps in Avodah:

1) Soaking – “soaking” our Guf, immersing ourselves in the study of Chassidus, so much so that it makes a person feel a strong desire for…

2) Salting – Yechidus. As we learned before, that’s how a Chossid gets HIS personal Seder Avodah of how to connect to Hashem. Then he does…

3) Rinsing – Niggun – he sings a niggun. This is the final step to make the Guf a keli for the neshama to shine in it.

Here is the text of the Sicha from which this Hayom Yom was taken as it is printed in Sefer Hasichos of the Frierdiker Rebbe 5700 page 174.