Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!  It’s perfect to help get my kids interested in saying Chitas and it helps me too! — S.E., USA

AMAZING! We love it. My kinderlach are thrilled. Please keep sending as they come out. Although we are one day ahead I will use them anyway since they are so incredible 🙂 — C.K., Australia

Thank you for enabling us to do Chitas in a fun way with our young children and making it something real to them from such a young age. May the zechus of all the learning bring Moshiach Now!!! — S.M., USA

I just want to thank you for posting your chitas curriculum!!! A truly wonderful gem. — E.E., Australia

Thank you so much for your Chitas emails. I look forward to them everyday and share them with my daughters. — C.A., England

Thank you very much for doing this. I enjoy reading the Chitas the way you prepare it. — D.C., Canada

i am writing to you to tell you that you inspired me to make time to say my chitas and hayom yom again. i cant tell you how long (years!) it has been (forget about sefer hamitsvos!) if you can make it so short and simple for kids, how much more so i can do it… — V.A., Europe

Without your emails I wouldn’t learn chitas regularly! — S.V., England

Thank you so much for adding chassidishkiet in our home! We discuss it with the pictures over supper. — C.F.

My daughter looks forward to learning it with me all day, and I must say, I’m loving it too! — M.B., Canada

Really, really appreciate this! Amazing service. Gets my kids into chitas without any nudging whatsoever. — R.L.

It is a beautiful idea, works great, and some of the Melamdim by us have already began using them. — R.W., USA

Just want to say thanks and shkoyach for this incredible resource for our children (and moms, too!)  — S.K., USA

I teach 3rd grade and use this daily for my class. i print the booklets and they color in while i teach it. when i come home, my little kids (3 and 5) first thing they ask is “do you have the chitas booklets?”. they love coloring them in and we go over it at the supper table. — S.H., USA

Simplifying the daily chitas for kids was an incredible idea! The kids really enjoy it! — Y.L., USA

Thank-You for the daily chitas. In your zechus many people are benefitting from this (we send it to lots of people like many others probably do) I even read it to all our staff in the morning. — S.

Yasher koach, my children were very excited about this. — S.S., England

Thank you so much for your beautiful chitas emails. They get our days started on the right foot and we gain so much from it! — E.E.

Yesterday was hectic and i put my kids to bed without remembring chitas. kisses of good night and M – 7 said: but ima, you forgot chitas.(and it wasnt the same tone as im thirsty or other tryings not to sleep. it was for real. like he was saying: how could you forget somthing so holy?) so out of bed, to the computer, alle kinderlach, for 10 beautiful minutes together. Thank you so much! — C.Y., Israel

Thank you for this amazing chitas for kids. I always wanted to do chitas with my kids and I was never able to do it properly. This has made it possible and enjoyable! — S.P.

15 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Dear Kids Chitas team, Sheyichyu

    I am constantly amazed at the incredible work that you do! I love the Parshas Haazinu ryhming Chumash summaries. Our family especially enjoys the Darchei HaChassidus section which is always so relevant and a real call to action.

    May Hashem continue to bless you with tremendous Koach to continue and enhance this fantastic and vital program!

    Good Yom Tov
    (Melbourne, Australia)

  2. So glad I’m still “a kid” — this chitas is a big hit for me! (especially “Darkei Hachassidus” — a real gem that “regular” chitas on Chabad.org doesn’t have…) and ya’asher koach to Rabbi Itche Minkowitz of Ft Myers for recommending it!

  3. My daughters look forward to coming home from school and learning the chitas of the day around the dinner table. Everyone is so involved they ask questions remember concepts from months before. Their teachers are amazed at what they know from chital and we’ve hooked up many thankful families. This is truly a gift to our family and every day is better when we learn our chitas. Thank u so much, ur increadible child friendly chitas increasing our hiskashrus and makes learning fun!
    We’d like to sponsor 25 of Kislev in honor of my daughters birthday.

  4. Amazing! You have Sunday’s chitas ready already for international users!?! Ya’asher koach (but what happened to the glossary? We loved in Ft Myers, Florida! —and I’m sure others did as well……….)

    1. Thank you!

      We still have the glossary and are working on updating it! Still need to put it into the automatically-generated part of the email, because manually putting it in every time means it’s missing most of the time… IY”H we’ll have it back in soon!

  5. In those oh so busy days leading up to Pesach, Yom Tov itself, chol hamoed, and now isru chag……..you all really kept me and keep me going…I can’t give you a big enough ya’sher koach for your amazing work!!! You should be blessed a million times over for your wisdom put into action…….it’s a huge kiddush Hashem and kiddush Chabad, you are true shluchim of the Rebbe. I know that you give the Rebbe tremendous nachas, you should go from strength to strength…….and in your merit alone we should merit the full revelation of Moshiach and the third and everlasting Bais HaMigdash!!

  6. Thank you so much!!

    This is seriously such an unbelievable, well thought out, practical, easy to use and original program.
    I’ve never seen anything like it before!
    I’ve just signed up and i know this will help me so much with organizing chitas club in my school and with so many other programs.

    Living in Australia the emails come a day too late to use. Would it be possible to receive the emails a day earlier?
    (another favor…. for Shabbos could we receive the email when its Friday by us [in Australia] early enough that we could use it for shabbos)

    thanks again- I hope its not to much trouble
    Thank you guys this increadible selfless gift you are giving us!!
    I am so blown away by what you are doing! keep up this amazing shlichus:)

  7. We are so grateful for this format. We read it with our younger kids each night. They learn so much & it’s a great way for adults who have never learnt it, to get used to learning: we all benefit! Many times, we are reading, it leads to discussion & insights into day to day events that help tremendously. Yasher koach!!

  8. Dear Creators of Chitas for Kids,

    I heard about this site quite by accident, and a very fortunate one it was, because we have taken upon learing Chitas every night with our children with your emails, and I cannot tell you how much it has added to our lives.

    Chitas for Kids is so ideal in so many ways – being a consistent learning shiur appropriate for even very young children, a fabulous boost for busy moms who don’t always manage to do their own Chitas & Rambam, a way to work on Hiskashrus as a family, and more.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this service available, and may the zchus of so many people learning Chitas because of you you bring you all the brachos bgv’r and Moshiach now!

    CK, London, UK

  9. I just wanted to give a big thank you to those who compile this daily chitas information
    It is truly amazing! every part of it!
    I can picture the Rebbe smiling ear to ear and Im sure he is very proud!
    you don’t even know how many people are learning and passing on the learning to others
    so all I can say is Yasher Koach and Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

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